Pack Helper

Packing Assistant at Your Fingertip

A Pack Helper

This is an app which is built with simplicity and efficiency in mind to help you pack for various occasions, including trips, hikes, campings and sleepovers.

Packing Checklist

Pack them. Check them.

The clean interface of the app allows you to make packing lists with just a few clicks and focus on packing. You don't have to sit and pull your hair over putting a comprehensive packing list together.

Preloaded Template

No more "I should bring this thing" in your journeys.

There are preloaded templates which help you pack for various occasions.

Update Templates

"I should bring this next time." It is taken care of.

You can easily edit each template, and ensure that the items are all with you in future advantures.

Regular Items Modules

The staple items that are always there.

There are things you pack for more than one occasions. Just add them to Regular Items and you will be able to add them to multiple templates or lists and rid the hassle to list them all over again each time you pack.

Custom Templates & Lists

Everyone has different needs.

The template you want does not come with the box? No problem. It is super easy to build your own.

Watch App

No more dragging the phone around.

If you have an Apple Watch, then you can free both of your hands and focus on packing.

* Only the most recent list will be sent to the watch for packing in order to save storage space.

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